What Now?

I’ve been reflecting on my life as of late. As a wee one I remember my Grandfather always saying, “no body will give you anything, it’s up to you to get it yourself”. I fully agree. My Grandpa always said “don’t long for what someone else has because you don’t know how they got it” I also agree. Grandpa also said “don’t let things catch you, be happy with what you have” this is what stuck with me the most. I’ve never been one for the latest of anything or the top of the line anything per say. I have my iPhone, my Macbook that I use for school and my iMac for my home office. I have a Queen sized bed, a 32″ tv, a couch, an area rug and my son has my double bed. I have a 2008 Toyota Yaris and I rent a basement suite. All my son’s toys were given to him by family members, same for the majority of his clothes.
My son and I are always well fed, warm and above all we’re healthy and of sound mind.

I’ve noticed something very disturbing that we as people are doing. We want more and more and more. We want the bigger of everything and top of the line of everything. These things come at a cost.
When we’re happy on the inside, meaning, we like who we see looking back at us in the mirror, we encourage ourselves, we love ourselves and are genuinely happy with who and what we are, we actually want for nothing.

Simplicity is the key to a happy life!