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Energy Healing


Qi is all around us, all of Nature uses Qi on a daily basis as it sustains all life. The Qi in our bodies needs to be replenished by food and water but the true power comes from channeling the Universal Qi into our bodies so that we can maintain a long vibrant life, healthy and free of dis-ease.

Meditation and deep breathing 

I’ve heard people say “I can’t sit still and I can’t shut off my mind” Well, the idea is not to “shut off” the mind per say, it’s to watch and feel what types of thoughts are passing through your mind so that you can recognize what thoughts are actually draining your energy vs. what thoughts energize you.

African, Chinese and Indian cultures have mastered the art of using the power of Qi. We’re still trying to figure out how the pyramids were built. Look at Bruce Lee, he didn’t get that fast and strong by food and exercise alone. These cultures understood how to maintain health, create prosperity and learn new things by channeling Qi into their bodies. The evidence of their success is there so let’s take full advantage of their hard work and apply it so that we can be healthy and prosperous too.


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