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Eating to facilitate wellness using food and meal planning

Yes, we eat to live but let’s take that a step further.
Perhaps you’re Celiac learn how to eat grains that are naturally gluten free instead of being “processed” to be gluten free.
If you’re an athlete learn how to get the maximum benefit from your food to enhance your performance.

Perhaps you need to learn how to manage a chronic illness like Diabetes or Hypertension, let food help to do that.
Maybe you want to be adventurous and grow a vegetable garden, we can help that too.

Food is such a vast topic and a little understanding goes a very long way in boosting your vitality.
Food, glorious food!!!!
Sometimes we forget to eat because we’re busy. Ask yourself this question “if I don’t eat, how will my brain run my body?”
We take eating for granted but that should not be the case. Food is essential to life. We end up feeling fatigued, lethargic, sluggish even and let’s not even start talking about bloating and gas… What and when you eat are essential to your body’s performance as well as your digestive health.

When eating, do you eat for pleasure or sustainment?
“I eat when I’m sad, or happy” sound familiar? Emotional eating can have a negative affect on the body’s functionality.
“I have no appetite” again, this can be harmful to the body.

Should you go vegan, vegetarian or even raw? That’s dependant upon what’s going on in your body and your life.
Many things have to be taken into account before making a decision of that gravity.

-where you live
-do you have allergies
-what is your medical diagnosis
-are you pregnant or trying and those are just a few questions

The use of food is a strength but can also be a weakness if not used correctly.

You are unique and so are your dietary requirements and in this day and age navigating all the information out there can be over whelming and tiresome.

Schedule your appointment today to take the guess work out of what you should be eating so that you can start your healthy journey.