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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Treating Abdominal Bloating, Anxiety, Depression, Fertility, Headaches, Chronic Pain, Smoking Cessation, Hot flashes/Night Sweats etc


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

TCM has over 3000 years of observation under its belt. Meaning, people were treated and watched to see how they responded. A Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner has many tools in their arsenal to use.  The tools used depends upon the condition presented.
People want to see the “Science” to validate TCM but that’s like trying to fit the cosmos inside a coke bottle, vast and incredible but lately studies are being done via MRI etc and the results are very positive.
Each person responds to TCM in their own unique way.
The pathway or “meridian” where energy flows is manipulated either with pressure, a needle, cup, or heat in order to allow the body to correct the imbalance itself. Some people call that “hocus pocus,”  “magic” or “placebo” the only way to find out how effective TCM is, is to come in for treatments.
Maybe you’ve been suffering with raging heart burn and are popping tums all day. Perhaps you feel like a balloon after every meal. Can’t sleep at night? Then, what are you waiting for? No need to fear needles, or herbs that are not as tasty as we’d like. You need to be prepared for the fact that TCM uses herbs and that’s to get the best and quickest results with the fewest side effects. You also don’t have to be on herbs indefinitely. TCM is cumulative and each treatment builds upon the last. Depending on the condition some people need to be seen 3 times/week. After 4 weeks have passed, you should see a marked difference, then you can whittle down to 2 times/week and so on until you get to 1 treatment / month for simple maintenance.
See what some of my clients have to say:


Angela has a tremendous gift for using this ancient healing technique. She has helped me with both chronic and acute issues- quickly, effectively, painlessly and with absolutely no side effects. My main concern coming to her at first, was 3 yrs of insomnia. I refuse to take pharmaceuticals yet the natural herbs were not helping. After my first visit, I slept the best I had in years…and am continuing to do so. Any health issue can be helped with TCM. Angela’s wisdom has also helped my young son and his chronic cough.
And the best part is her fee is exceptionally reasonable for this ‘greedy’ world.”

“From the first visit I felt that Angela has a “Magic” touch. It was my first in life treatment at student clinic and I was a little nervous. No need to say, I had a great session and felt relaxed. After my first visit I was looking forward to the next session especially after I felt the results. Thank you Angela.”