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Phone: one on one private coaching and support is provided by schedule and occasionally impromptu as needed.

Energy Healing – by appointment only

Traditional Chinese Medicine – by appointment

Vibrational coahing

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Find relief from anxiety, depression, headaches, pain, allergies, nutrition advice, fertility etc. The list is endless.

Please be advised that TCM  treatments have a cumulative effect on your health. 10 treatments are the minimum to start seeing a marked improvement. What constitutes an improvement? Some people notice better sleep, better bowel movements, better moods, reduced pain, reduced PMS etc and that’s just after 2 treatments. TCM is a wise investment in your health; after all, we only have the one body so let’s take care of it together.

Finally, a practitioner who listens to your words as well as the energy & frequency your body emits. Taking cues from your body, a TCM treatment is tailored to your specific needs and the results are incredible.

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Energy Coaching

You’re ready to get off the roller coaster and do what you’ve always wanted to do in your life.  Having the best coach in your corner also helps to speed up your success. Get assistance with the most common issues we face today:




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