My Secret Journey ~Day 9 -11~

Let me start by saying that the past 2 days have been very interesting to say the least.

Now my son has been “acting” up and I am well aware that’s my fault for not reigning him in earlier, well I’m working on it now.

Remember I chant ” I have an abundance of patience” and it seems to work now when I issue ” time out in the corner or go to your room” I do it with a smile so my poor son thinks I’m bonkers, perhaps I am ~giggle~ but either way I get him to serve his time out.

I won $10 off the lottery and then low and behold I won a free ticket off the other ticket that I bought with my winnings, creepy, but don’t stop.

I wanted to draw more parallels between the secret and the bible. That scripture if you can find it for me because I’m too lazy quite frankly to look ” That which you fear will come upon you” now the Secret says “what ever you think about you’ll get, so don’t think of the things you don’t want, focus on that which you do want and you’ll get it”

Secondly, “what a man sows that will he also reap” find that scripture for me too. The secret says ” you attract unto yourself what you emit” so did Einstein for that matter “everything is energy, that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.”

As encouragement remember that Daniel prayed for 21 days before the arch angel finally made his way to him, so whether or not you believe the “word” or theĀ  “secret” know that in time the “answer” or the “desire” or the “thought” you seek from the “Universe” will take a wee bit of time not long so have patience.

I also discovered that sometimes we’re held captive by our “beliefs” so we have to subconsciously change those. I went to my “app” store and bought a program that would feed me subliminal messages and let’s see what happens. You know I’ll keep you posted.

Keep the faith!!!!