My Secret Journey~ Day 21 ~ 26

Well, it’s been an eventful past couple of days. Had school, work and got the house clean and it lasted all of 20 minutes before my whirl wind of a son had it messy and sticky again, oh well, I tried right, lol

I’ve been watching the subliminal messages flash on my screen now for 21 days and the oddest thing happened. I was at student clinic and someone came in and wanted a card for their office and we had just gotten our cards the day before. For just a split second I felt as though I was doing something wrong by giving out my card. Then all of a sudden this little voice in my head said “take the opportunity presented before you” well I ran with that. Let’s see what happens with the opportunity. Although I’m beginning to believe that it’s not always the opportunity itself but the action of trusting your instinct and taking the opportunity that opens you up to receive more.
Still waiting for the money to start pouring in, lol.

One other thing that I’ve been asking for was my destiny, what is my calling? I’ve always tried to separate music from Acupuncture but I’ve realized that I cannot do that and so I had this incredible idea of how to merge them. Still flushing it out but I’ve already implemented it for 2 of my clients, so now let’s see what their results will be and then we’ll take it from there.

Something else that has totally taken me off guard is that I’ll be sitting there and then all of a sudden this bubble of joy rises up within me and I get this smile on my face that feels as though it’s radiating from every cell in my body to the outside world. What makes that weird is that I feel as though I have no control over it and couldn’t stop it if I tried but I see and feel it happening to me. Cool!!!!

Until the next time!