My Secret Journey ~Day 18 – Day 20

Well, it’s been an exciting journey. My overall happiness has grown exponentially. I am taking the time to find all the things that I’m grateful for.
I did win another $10 from the lottery, lol.

Remember I had asked to be more aware? Well, I am now and it seems to me that I’m aware of the situation what ever it is. I’ve been asking for that awareness with my son and how he’s been acting in school, sure enough he’s imitating me, not bad just not the right place, he’s trying to “mother” the other children. Wow, now I’ve had a worker suggest different strategies for his success. Even in regular conversation with my class mates they mention the secret and how different I am etc.
I just smile all the time now. I’ve also been listening to positive affirmations and visual subliminal messages. I’ll post a link for you. I go this route because the conscious mind is really hard to battle against and reinforce so the key is to get at the subconscious right away. Even hypnosis, I’ll be trying that now too. Let me know what you think and how you feel.

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