My Secret Journey ~ Day 14 – 17~

Well it sure has been an exciting couple of days.
I am feeling a bit over whelmed with all the information out there so I’ve narrowed down my scope to this:

1) Use subliminal messages to change your mindset. I chose this route because I was having a hard time “thinking” and “feeling” positive because let’s face it we hear some things on a daily basis that totally mess with our minds. For instance, I’ve always played the lottery rather sparactically mind you but in the back of my mind I would hear “do you have any idea how difficult it is to win the lottery” that thought actually “blocks” your acceptance of money. So knowing my lazy nature, I didn’t want to have to constantly have to tell myself that “I am a money magnet” hence, I chose the subliminal route. To sum up this statement, if you want your thoughts to change you need to go straight for the “person” in control and it’s the subconscious mind.

2) Once your mindset has changed you’ll begin to see your manifestations happen faster.

Now, here’s how my past couple of days have been.
I’ve won $10, $2, Free ticket all within the past couple of days and that’s got me all tickled pink.
Again, my household is much calmer, I don’t yell as much any more and truthfully, it feels weird. My old habit was to fly off the handle especially when I’m stressed but it feels as though there’s this little voice saying “you’re calm” so I stay thus.
I’ve also started to understand my wee Noah better. I’m beginning to see what he wants, it’s so eerie like a light went on. We actually play together more and I love it. I’ve started telling him that he should ask for what he wants, right now he has no doubts or fears and I want to keep that going for him.

I may have shared this, I can’t remember. Remember when Daniel was praying? He’s a character in the Bible, if you don’t already know. When the arch Angel finally showed up he told Daniel that it took him 21 days to fight with the prince of Persia so that he could break through in order to answer his request. Now, that 21 days to me is so significant because I heard in my mind, you’ll have a break through on day 21, so I’m waiting for what that break through is…

At school, I just submitted my clinic hours, I need another 365 hours before I can write my licensing exam. Well, here’s what I did, I sat down and figured how I was going to break down 365 hours, normally I would be over whelmed by that number but I just simply stated “I will get more new clients” and sure enough before the day was out, I had a new client and she’s booked for next Saturday, wow!!!!
Long before I started using the Law of Attraction I was having this feeling, premonition if you will that I was going to win a large sum of money in the lottery, so I didn’t buy a ticket because I was scared to win because of all the obligations that came along with winning. Well, you see how we can totally shut our selves off from receiving? Fear, it’s water on a fire, it’s drought to a farmer. We really have to push past the fear and move into a place of peace and knowing.

Let me say this, be cautious of what you put into your mind and seek out positive affirmations, read them before you let them play on your screen. I did, so should you, due diligence you know…

Be encouraged my friends! Here’s a link to the subliminal messages I use on my laptop, they just flash across my screen as I’m working away. Multitasking.

MindMaster Demo