My Secret Journey ~Day 13~

I am still having an incredible day. I didn’t really get a chance to do my devotional this morning but I felt pretty good.
I got to class and was feeling totally horrid because I felt as though my teacher didn’t want to hear my input. After our first break me and a couple girlfriends went to the store and we started talking and lifting each others mood so as we started to laugh and if you know me, my laugh is well a little shrill a cackle if you will, lol. After that break and refocusing of my energy and being determined not to be in a negative place my day took off like a rocket and I had so much energy and did I forget to mention, I’m SO MUCH MORE PATIENT with my son, I love it!
I feel as though I can’t be silent about the secret I’ve been telling people about it left right and center.
Now this is day 2 of the subliminal messages and I feel great. Just today I was sitting in the car at a red light and I was dancing and the first thing that I said to myself out loud was “girl you are so charismatic” say what? Normally, I would say “girl folks gonna think you crazy” but not today, “charismatic” just popped out of my mouth, like I had verbal diarrhea. Well, I love that!!! Seeing as I can’t keep this new fandangled “thing” I’ve got going on, I wanted to share with you the subliminal messages. Let me know how you feel and what your thoughts are.

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