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Energy Healing Work

Balancing the Chakra & Auras

What is a Chakra
An Energy Wheel at a specific location of the body. There are many chakras but we focus on the main 7.
Our emotions directly influence the functionality of each chakra. Feelings of lack / greed affect the size of the Root Chakra, addictions affect the Sacral Chakra, etc.
Keeping the Chakras cleared will ensure that they’re spinning at the right speed and they are in balance with each other. This is accomplished via a specific meditation or chant.
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What is the Aura?

Have you seen that “halo” around a lit street lamp or a full moon that also has a “halo?”
Living beings have an Aura, your connection to all that is around you.
Before an illness shows up in your physical body it attaches to the Aura and clearing the Aura of any “dis-ease” is essential to maintaining optimal health.

Meditation and deep breathing is very effective for healing the Chakra and Aura.

I’ve heard people say “I can’t sit still and I can’t shut off my mind” Well, the idea is not to “shut off” the mind per say, it’s to watch and feel what types of thoughts are passing through your mind so that you can recognize what thoughts are actually draining your energy vs. what thoughts energize you.

African, Chinese and Indian cultures have mastered the art of using the power of their Chakras. We’re still trying to figure out how the pyramids were built. Look at Bruce Lee, he didn’t get that fast and strong by food and exercise alone. The Indian culture is the most popular for the naming of Chakras.

These cultures used their Chakras to maintain health, create prosperity and learn new things. The evidence of their success is there so let’s take full advantage of their hard work and apply it so that we can be healthy and prosperous too.


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Functions and Healing of the 7 Major Chakras
Week 1 ~ Root Chakra
Week 2 ~ Sacral Chakra
Week 3 ~ Solar Plexus
Week 4 ~ Heart Chakra
Week 5 ~Throat Chakra
Week 6 ~ Third Eye
Week 7 ~ Crown