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Inspirational Coaching

Teaching you to fish...

Energy Healing

channeling Qi remotely or in person

Herbal Teas

a cup of tea can help with many things

Energy Healing

  Qi is all around us, all of Nature uses Qi on a daily basis as it sustains all life. The Qi in our bodies needs to be replenished by food and water but the true power comes from channeling the Universal Qi into our bodies so that we can maintain a long vibrant life, […]

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Inspirational Coaching

What do you Desire? -Better relationships -Better Job -More money -Finding your life’s purpose -Better parenting skills The list can be endless. Does your desire line up with your vibration? Everything vibrates, thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. The key to successfully manifesting your desires is to know how to match your vibration to that which you […]

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Treating Abdominal Bloating, Anxiety, Depression, Fertility, Headaches, Chronic Pain, Smoking Cessation, Hot flashes/Night Sweats etc   Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) TCM has over 3000 years of observation under its belt. Meaning, people were treated and watched to see how they responded. A Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner has many tools in their arsenal to use.  The […]

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Eating to facilitate wellness using food and meal planning Yes, we eat to live but let’s take that a step further. Perhaps you’re Celiac learn how to eat grains that are naturally gluten free instead of being “processed” to be gluten free. If you’re an athlete learn how to get the maximum benefit from your […]

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How to naturally improve mental and physical health

Come in and have a custom Chinese Herbal tea created to assist with any of the following nagging issues:


Are you easily agitated, cranky and frustrated?

This tea will soothe your frayed nerves, unclench your teeth and help you to see clearly.


Can’t fall asleep or stay asleep?

This tea helps by easing you into a restful and rejuvenating sleep. Less wrinkles and under eye dark circles may result.


Night sweats and hot flashes making you lose your cool?

This tea helps to quell that drying heat and put the moisture back into mouth, eyes and wherever else you may need it.


Feeling fidgety or anxious and can’t concentrate?

This tea helps you to focus and harness your ideas and inspiration so that you can create your dream life.


Want to lift your energy and mood to get happy?

Put a spring in your step and a smile on your face with this tea. Imagine what you can do with that extra energy. Marathon perhaps!!!


Low libido got you down?

Let this tea put a sparkle in your eyes and leave you and your partner with satisfied smiles. It may make you late for work!


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At Healthy Initiatives, we teach you how to start, maintain and achieve your health, wellness and spiritual goals.

Natural Healing

Alternative Medicine. Rosemary, mint, chamomile, thyme in a glass mortar. Essential oils and herbal supplements.